Aaki Knows…Operators


The word strikes fear into the hearts and minds of business accountants and MBAs alike.

A group of independent thinkers that, with little or no supervision, carry our lifeblood products and services to our customers

We can’t forget that operators are the backbone of our business. Nothing moves without them and we owe them much. Without their dedication and perseverance, we simply would not be here.

From the day that a bonding system is installed, it becomes another task that an operator needs to complete before his day is done. And in these times, the days are very, very long. If the equipment is not up to the schedules and punishment our operators impose on it, that bonding system will be destined for the scrap heap.

Aaki knows operators.

We built our system like a tank. From the solid aluminum and stainless steel chassis to a cable we designed specifically for this task to the simplicity of the design, every aspect of the construction has been engineered and re-engineered for one thing – rock solid reliability.

Our spools will last on your trucks for years and years. We actually don’t know how many years since in the decade we have been producing this product, we have never had a single return.

If you are looking for a bonding system that you can weld to your truck and rest easy knowing it will service you well for years then you need to seriously consider the Aaki Bonding Spool.

And your Operators?

There is only one thing they will say, if they say anything at all…

“Thanks, now get out of my way.  I have work to do…”

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