Bonding Systems

When working in close proximity to explosive fumes and vapors, static electricity can cause these substances to ignite, often with disastrous consequences. Static charges can build up on any surface that is not grounded. Static differentials between two objects can be created through actions as simple as walking or stepping out of a vehicle. Even blowing snow or sand can cause large potentials to build up on unearthed systems, such as vehicles, fuel tanks, or people.

Potential differences between objects as low as a hundred volts can create a spark capable of igniting a flammable vapor. It’s easy to create large potential voltages. As an example, shuffling your feet on the carpet and touching the door handle or another person can give you a jolt that is equivalent to 10,000 to 40,000 Volts.

Anti-static or bonding reels are designed to eliminate the static potential difference between the object to which the reel is affixed and the metallic object that the cable clamp from the reel is attached to. Bonding reels are connected between the two objects to equalize static potential differences prior to any work being performed.

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