As long-time attendees of the Global Petroleum Show,  Aaki Corp was excited to see what this year’s show might reveal.


We were curious to see what kind of turn out there would be and the level of engagement we could expect from the crowd.  Walking down the stampede grounds and around the corner to the outside convention center, we were pleasantly greeted with an atmosphere of buzz and energy. The outside venue was a far busier space than we have seen in many years. The engagement from both visitors and exhibitionists was a pleasant surprise.


There was positive feeling in the air.

We were happy to have been there on the day of the Oil and Gas Rally!  Thousands of supporters came out, singing along to a catchy Let our pipelines go tune we wont soon get out of our heads. The comradery and support shown for our  economy and the future of our province was an uplifting affair.


With that, we are more than happy to report back that the Calgary GPS 2019 was off to great start on Day One of the convention.


Overall, the show certainly instilled confidence and hope for the year ahead!


Here are a few snapshots from the show this year.

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Have a great summer! Alberta Rocks!