Many of today’s electric motor applications require the ability for the speed of the motor to be varied and controlled.his is often accomplished using Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). VFDs will generate voltages and currents in the shaft of the motor. These voltages often arc or discharge through the motor bearing to the motor housing. This event can happen hundreds of times per second. Over several months, this discharge action will cause the bearings to pit, resulting in premature bearing failure.

Aaki is pleased to announce a new product line of Motor Shaft Grounding Modules and accessories that significantly help to prevent premature bearing failure.

Damaging currents will be rerouted from the shaft to the motor housing through this device, therefore, bypassing the bearings and extending their life.

Installation is Simple, Easy and Quick

The device is bolted to the motor housing with two screws. Alignment and adjustment is quick and easy. Optional mounting tools, extensions and spacers are available to make mounting to almost any motor quick and cost effective.

The Result – A well-built product that customers will appreciate.

View our various Motor Shaft Grounding tools and sizes below and for further information on this new product line including pricing and specifications please visit